Head and heart are not either/or

I recently came across two different discussions of breastfeeding that share a very important outlook. Rather than presenting breastfeeding as an activity to be mastered by the mom–like golf or gourmet cooking–both view it as an integral part of the relationship between moms and babies.

The recent posting by Diana Cassar-Uhl, IBCLC at The Leaky Boob takes the form of a letter from baby to mom in which the baby explains his/her behavior as a newborn. What I love about the post is how it blends the emotional connection of mom and baby with an explanation of the underlying physiology of baby behavior. This really resonates for those of us who view science not in opposition to emotion but in support of and inextricably bound to it.

The recently released DVD “Baby Oh Baby: Breastfeeding” also shows how understanding a bit about the physiological and biological underpinnings of the breastfeeding relationship can really help moms relax and feel confident. Again, it does this in a way that is intuitive rather than coming across like a biology class. 

I am happy that there is more information like this available now–information that doesn’t minimize either the “head” or the “heart” but recognizes that each influences the other in ways we are only beginning to understand as scientists and intuit as moms.


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