We support women and their partners during pregnancy, birth, and early postpartum. As doulas, our role involves sharing information and community resources, nurturing and supporting, and guiding and empowering our clients to choose what is right for them.

What is a Doula Team?

Peninsula Birth Companions came about as a way to provide better service while maintaining continuity in your doula care. Our team is rich in ideas, life experiences, skills, tools, and perspectives, offering you more than an individual doula could alone.

Like many doulas, we spent years in solo practice. We often worked with each other for backup and professional support. Realizing that we shared similar philosophies and approaches to supporting families, we chose to team up to enhance our services.

How Does This Work for You?

When you work with Peninsula Birth Companions, you choose your primary and secondary doulas, subject to our availability. Your primary doula is the companion you have chosen to support you during labor and birth.

You and your partner will develop a relationship with both your primary and secondary doulas during prenatal and postpartum appointments. Your secondary doula may attend your labor during times when your primary cannot, such as due to other births, illness, or scheduled commitments. She also may assist or relieve your primary doula during long labors, where a fresh, but familiar, support person can contribute invaluable enthusiasm, energy, and ideas.

The third doula on our team provides an additional level of backup for the primary and secondary doulas. Our personalized approach to backup and support guarantees our clients consistent and familiar care at all times.