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The Team

“Hiring PBC was the best thing we decided to do. It truly made this birth unforgettable and most rewarding as I was able to have the birth experience I had envisioned. Thank you PBC!” — Katie A., June 2010

“Alexa (and Audrey, who was our back-up) helped us to achieve the natural, unmedicated, beautiful birth that we had dreamed of having. From the time that we hired them, they were so supportive, and knowledgeable, and I felt so well taken care of. They were available when we needed them before, during, and after the birth. I don’t think that I would have been able to have had such a peaceful experience in the hospital without Alexa’s presence. She helped me to relax enough to birth my baby in the way that I had imagined, and helped my husband to be completely available for me in the way that I needed him. I would without a doubt hire PBC again in a second.” — M.P., mom, June 2012

“We chose Julie as our primary doula and Audrey as our back-up. I am so happy they work so well together as a team for prenatal visits because on the day of my daughter’s birth, Julie was at another birth and Audrey was our doula… She was confident, calm, and always provided a helpful response… She was also very helpful with the first nursing sessions and photography in labor.” — Sahana K., February 2010

“I would highly recommend Peninsula Birth Companions. I found Audrey to be highly professional, supportive, and knowledgeable. Our backup doula was also highly competent and supportive. I believe if you are desiring a natural birth, hiring the assistance of a doula would definitely make your birth experience more positive.” — Jennifer W., April, 2009

“I had a difficult labor… However, having Audrey call and come over to assess the situation and help me decide my next move was indispensable… My husband also strongly agrees that our doula was a wonderful support, especially during labor. She allowed him to be 100% involved without leaving him to feel alone or pressured. We are both very happy with our doula experience and would hire [Peninsula Birth Companions] again.” — Danielle C., February, 2009

“Audrey was incredibly supportive during my labor and was a wonderful breastfeeding coach. Gloria’s home visit really factored into my success with breastfeeding. I am very happy to have hired them both.” — Kim K., November, 2008

“Gloria and Audrey were very calm and caring people, which is why we chose them. Their manner stayed this way during prenatal sessions, the birth, which Audrey attended, and with postpartum support. They were easy to contact, always responding to e-mails, returning phone calls, and providing alternate numbers… They have contacts outside of the Peninsula Birth Companions group which can also be called upon, so that made us feel confident that we would always receive the support we wanted during the actual birth.” — S.H., September, 2008

“Gloria, Audrey and Laure (backup) were an integral part of my husband and my labor. Honestly, I don’t think our experience would have felt as safe or as though we were the ones driving the decision-making had it not been for them… I don’t know how women deliver without doulas and I can’timagine my labor and delivery without having our doulas with us.” — Shealan S., July, 2008

“A welcome relief during labor (pre and early), the doula [Gloria] helped me conserve my strength for the big day. She was a voice of calm and reason when my world was frantic and frightening. I can’t thank her enough.” — Mike L., June, 2008

The Individuals

“Audrey made all the difference in my birth experience. Even I, a healthcare professional, found the whole labor process overwhelming and bewildering at times, and Audrey was an ideal guide and translator. She interfaced brilliantly with the nurses, gave my partner a ton of space and time to sleep, and was by my side for hours on end without ever feeling intrusive. Her presence felt just right. It was so easy to accept her help.” — Sarah R., July, 2015

“I was seeking a doula for support with a VBA2C (VBAC after 2 c-sections). Audrey gladly took me on. In the end, I did it! Audrey helped me so much and I really don’t think I could have done it without her. She helped me succeed and she made the whole experience amazing and meaningful for me. She really helped guide the start of my newborn’s life in the right direction. I felt empowered to take on my new responsibilities and have been riding the wave of pride and satisfaction ever since.” — Anna S., January, 2015

“Audrey was a huge help during labor and delivery. She had great suggestions (movement, sitting positions, etc.) for easing Anna’s pain during labor, was invaluable in helping us calmly evaluate options when we came to decision points (“Pitocin now?” “epidural?”), and was full of positivity when we needed it most (i.e., being up for 24 hours straight). I can’t imagine how we would have done it without her.” — Chris S. (partner to Anna), January, 2015

“It was invaluable having Audrey on board to coach us through the process–both the weeks before and during labor and delivery. She was very knowledgeable and a wonderful sounding board–and helped us feel secure as we navigated the birth of our second daughter. I would recommend hiring a doula and wished I had the first time around. Thank you, Audrey.” — Katie M., September, 2013

“When we hired Julie, we found her to be tremendously supportive of my wife’s and my wishes throughout the pregnancy. She gave us clear ideas of what to expect as labor started, helped us gauge when to head to the hospital, and provided crucial support dealing with contractions at home before heading in. She helped my wife find comfortable positions, helped her get through contractions, and make sure she was rested and had reserves of energy. It was because of her advice and hands-on help that we were able to get through much of labor at home, instead of the hospital. When we did check in, labor moved right along instead of stalling. This greatly shortened our hospital stay.” — R.S., dad, July 2011

“Audrey was an important part of my birth experience… She helped us make the decision about when to go to the hospital, she provided emotional and informational support, including key tips on how to manage the pain and constant encouragement on getting through this life-changing event.”  — Edna T., September 2009

“My VBAC went exactly as I’d hoped. Audrey met us at the hospital early in the labor process and supported me with massage, breathing techniques and the TENS unit. Although I chose to have an epidural, the pushing phase was difficult and Audrey’s support was invaluable. She helped me focus on the best and most effective methods, massaged my neck and back, and helpd calm me down during difficult patches. She also took pictures at the moment of birth and afterward so my husband could be present without having to worry about capturing the moment. My son’s birth was an extremely positive, joyful experience. In part this was because I had two people supporting me, one on each side. I felt very safe and cared for. Thank you, Audrey!” — Amanda H., August 2011

“I was initially hesitant to hire a doula because I thought she would not be flexible about a medicated birth (i.e., epidural). How wrong I was. Audrey was not only very open minded, she was incredibly supportive of me and was committed to helping me have the best possible birth for me. Some people think that if you plan to get an epidural, you don’t need a doula,  but I felt that the encouragement, support, experience in dealing with tricky medical questions that arose, and post-labor education was invaluable. I would absolutely hire Audrey again–she was worth every penny.” –Kristin E., April 2010

“With Audrey’s encouragement and skill managing the process, we had an amazing experience together. Last time I stood back and prayed. This time I was right there comforting my wife all the way through. I was stroking her hair and actively comforting her right up to, and through, the moment I saw my baby girl pop out into the doctor’s hands from the corner of my eye. Thanks!” — Dave K., August, 2009

“Audrey’s support, encouragement, and guidance during an unexpectedly early labor and delivery made it possible for me to deliver without anesthesia, something I never thought I’d be able to do. Both of us felt very supported and nurtured by Audrey’s wise, caring, and experienced presence.” — Jessica and Jeffrey, July 2009

“With my second pregnancy, and as a midwife, I thought I wouldn’t need a doula. But as my due date approached, my fear of the birth process increased. I was hoping for a VBAC, but had many doubts and fears about my body and my care provider. Four days before going into labor I hired Audrey. It was the best decision I made during my pregnancy… She gave me verbal and physical support from the moment I called her until after J. was born. I don’t know what I would have done without her.”  — Maria K., October 2008

“We decided to work with a doula because we were new to the area without family nearby. Audrey met with us before the birth and helped us understand our options. Her presence before and during the birth helped keep both of us as calm and confident as possible.” — M.M. and T.M., mom and dad in Millbrae

“Audrey was gentle, strong, and unobtrusive.” — E.T., mom in Foster City

“Audrey rolled up her sleeves and did whatever was helpful/required in the moment.” — D.G., dad in Palo Alto

“Thank you so much for your incredible support throughout both the pregnancy and labor. I could not have done it the way I wanted without you. You were very attentive to my every need & I appreciated that so much.” — M.H., mom in San Francisco

“Thank you again for helping to make the birth such an amazing experience.” C.T., dad in San Francisco