The Comfort of Touch

I just read about a study describing how loving touch can ease pain. It’s not the first study of its kind, but it’s a good reminder that laboring women who have a partner, family member, or doula with them can cope better with labor through the simple use of human touch. For women who labor […]

For new moms: letter to your future self

I have been following Sarah Rudell Beach’s “Left Brain Buddha” site for a while now. It’s perfect for me because I aspire to mindfulness but too often find my left brain running the show. Sarah’s most recent post, “Dear Exhausted, Struggling Mama…,” is a great read for parents of children of any age, but especially […]

Benefits of Breastfeeding vs. Risks of Formula Feeding

“Women do not fail to breastfeed. Health professionals, health agencies and governments fail to educate and support women who want to breastfeed.” I’ve been teaching breastfeeding for about nine years. For most of that time, I’ve started my class off by asking participants, “What are some of the benefits of breastfeeding you’ve heard about? Just […]